Hi im new here and i have a question so my step dad walked in without knocking and we dont have locks. he usually knocks but he didnt this time. i was um... masterbating. he saw like everything. the worst part is i couldnt stop right away. like... i was right at the end and.. finished.. with him just standing there shocked staring and like kinda watching. he said sorry afterward and left. he's never been weird to me, he's really cool. but like why couldnt i stop?

I'm sorry that happened, but I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure it's super embarrassing but your dad knows it's normal to masturbate. As for not being able to stop, there comes a point where your body just takes over and it takes you through the orgasm whether you want it to stop or not. I once saw a girl get close and then stop touching herself and she still orgasmed.?

happened something very similar to me too, i really know how you feel...
i felt very much embarrassed...

Yes, you'll always be embarrassed and he'll always remember that. It's something you'll need to live with. And also, it's impossible to stop masterbating when you're near the end, like it's impossible to him to stop watching when you are right to the end. Try to be more discret next time.


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