Is any of this real or fantasy?

I am a 14 year old girl who has been reading this site for several months now. I never signed up for an account before because most of what I read in the forums just don't seem real to me. I love reading most of the articles. I must live in the most prudish city in America. I read in these forums people saying they masterbate with friends, in front of guys, give blow jobs at age 13. I can honestly say I am amazed at this. I really wonder if this is real????
I love to masterbate, I didn't know what it was until a few months back. But NONE of my friends will talk about it or even admit it! When I go to sleep overs nobody changes in front of anybody else. We all take turns changing in the bathroom. I don't think i have even seen my best friend in her underwear. I have seen others in their bras in gym class.
​Where does all this stuff take place that people are doing. I am attracted to girls but I think it is because I havent had a bf yet. I havent even seen a peen yet.
​so is all this stuff on the boards for real????

I'm the same way. I've never done it or talked about it with my friends.?

I believe that some of it is real and some of it seems really far fetched and probably guys pretending to be girls and trying to find out personal info and get off from it. I've made friends with a few girls here and I can tell from talking to them that they're legit and I believe what they post because it doesn't sound completely outlandish. ?There are many girls here who are real and they're bisexual, curious or lesbian.?

It is a great forum to open up to others about the things that may be difficult to talk about in real life. Everyone here masturbates I think and most of us feel open to talk about it. It's a natural normal thing?

Thanks for the responses so far. I would really like to hear what more people have to say.
Why is it so embarrassing to admit that you masterbate?

Tbh I think it's only embarrassing to talk about with friends irl but here it's pretty open to talk about it

yeah, alot of it you have to take with a grain of salt.? most of it is probably fake.

Granted, it does seem as if there are some phonies on here, but there are also many really nice real girls who just want to talk openly about stuff they don't feel comfortable talking about openly with their friends. Pretty much everyone I've met here masturbates, and many are sexually active even from an early age. I'm not saying there aren't a few exaggerations, but overall you can tell the difference between the true and the false with just a little common sense. I would not say you're from a prudish city, just a normal one. Forums like this are a place to come and anonymously get personal stuff off our chest. When I first came here I was really skittish talking about certain things, but it really opened me up and helped me to get it out of my system. There are so many nice ladies here who have been super great to talk to. I'm sure you'll meet a bunch of them.

Like anything there are some legit and some stuff that is very outlandish or fake. It's difficult because in real life most girls would not talk so canidly about this stuff...some would and do but i do think most are more open online....but yeah...

Speaking about this online with people that you don't know is a lot easier than speaking about this in real life with friends. In my real life I'm usually shy and don't talk often about things like masturbation and sex.

I think minority of people are open about this things in real life.


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