Issue with masturbation

Hey, I'm a 16 year old and I struggle with masturbating because my arms are too short to stay down there comfortably for long periods of time (I have to bend myself in uncomfortable positions.) I'm too embarrassed to ask my mother for a vibrator, anyone else struggle with the same issue?

Never heard of anyone like this before, is it a condition? Sorry, being nosey. Not sure why you would think a vibrator is the answer? You'd still have to be able to reach. Try putting a hairbrush between your bed frame and mattress, with the handle sticking out as a mock dildo. Just make sure it is clean first. Or download a vibrate app for your phone (vibes desensitise the clit over time (temporarily, I.e. few months).

Try humping a pillow or like IAmYourDr said, find a way to stabilize a mock dildo and use that. A hairbrush between two pillow sticking up could also work?

Like Sammy said? pillow humping

Maybe you can prop your hips up with something? I can't say I've ever heard that complaint before. That, or like the others have already said, some kind of mounted dildo. Vibrators are usually small (about the size of lipstick). Do you have any older friends that could maybe buy you a vibrating dildo? I know that might seem like alot to ask of a friend, but you gotta do what you gotta do :p

What if you sat up in bed, can you reach your clit? I'm assuming you have to be able to if you wipe after peeing lol?

Thank you for all of your suggestions.


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