wtf is wrong w/ me

okay so I'm 16 and I've never done more than make out with someone. I can watch like porn and I'll get kinda turned on but when I touch myself either it doesn't really feel good or it doesn't go anywhere from there(like I can't orgasm or anything)?
Does this mean theres something wrong with my body? or could it be I just have much experience....? any advice would be nice

no i don't think there's something wrong you just have to find what works for you

There's nothing wrong with you!

Trust me, I had the same question in my head. I'm 21, virgin and have had very little experience with anything other than masturbation.?
even with masturbation, for a lot of women it takes a long time since we tend to need/like emotional connection and our privates are more complicated.
figure out what you like, you can look at porn but also other things. porn isn't realistic, it's all meant to be an act and to also show you positions that look attractive, not necessarily all the things that also make you feel good. besides i think we all know that the major of the porn industry, even the lesbian stuff which is usually fake: is all geared towards men.
this might sound weird but maybe get a mirror and look "down under" really explore and learn your body. some people like penetration, some don't just like how some like oral sex and dont. if you have your own money or as you start to get other experimenting with toys might help you figure out what you like.?
again, masturbation especially for women tends to take a long time and also you should be in the mood! feel good, feel sexy and enjoy yourself, don't feel the need to rush to this climax.?

Just got to keep trying


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