I know this is a royally taboo topic but I saw some other touchy subjects on here and I was curious. What are your thoughts on incest? Has anyone experienced it? Was it consensual? Have you fantasized about a family member or even a distant relaltion? This is meant to be a serious question so please let's keep it dignified if possible.

As long as inbreeding isn't happening I'm relatively alright with it. Incestial relationships usually don't last past preadolescence. Those that do raise some red flags. Past that unless the two parties inform their respective guardians and have their blessing to continue while practicing safe sex I can't bring myself to support it. Incest between two consenting adults that are practicing safe sex is fine in my book.

Made out with my cousin a few times. Must of been 8 or so at the time. Didn't even know what sex was.

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I'm all over the map when it comes to the topic of incest. I used to think it was horribly wrong and anyone who wasinto it was disgusting. I still don't think blood relatives(sisters, brothers or brother-sister) should be having sex, but I don't think it's wrong to experiment and "practice" other sexual things when you're younger. I think when you're a teenager it definitely needs to stop though. As for distant relatives such as cousins, I'm actually all for it. I have a cousin who I'd very much like to be sexual with, but it will never happen and I'm okay with that.?

Lots of mixed feelings here. I suppose if there were two consenting people who knew what they were doing and made a sober decision that that's what they wanted to do, I guess it would be okay. I mean, there's a lot of stuff people are into and it's just another facet of the overall tapestry. But non-consensual stuff is absolutly the most evil thing I can imagine. So yes and no.

Totally not my thing, can't even imagine this. Maybe I'm radical but for me some line can't be crossed

It doesn't bother me really. In some cases I think it's okay as long as there isn't abuse of any kind.

Not my thing


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