watching older men

I was wondering if there is anyone else like me, I have looked at sites showing guys masturbating and do enjoy watching them cum, but what really turns me on is looking at sites that show really old guys masturbating, guys who are 60 years or older, is there anyone else who likes this.

I like watching anyone masturbate as long as they have a genuine orgasm at the end of it, but I especially like watching girls doing it.. is a good site to use to watch people doing it live, and genuinely orgasming at the end of it...

Lisa you're 13 and go on chaturbate??

I don't go on camera Sammy, I just watch... I have fantasised about going on camera, but I need a camera to do that first... LOL Anyway, they are strictly?over 18s only for their performers...;-(

I like older men but I haven't really watched any 60 or over types doing it.


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