Hideing spot

Anyone ever find there moms sex toys or dad porn stash i heard a girl in school talking about she found her moms dildo wondered if anyone went through the same?

Ik my sister had a dildo

Really how do you know she had one

I saw it

My sister has a vibrator. I stumbled across it by accident when I was borrowing some socks and I just pretended I never saw it.

Were they big or small vibrators? The one i found was really big

This was kinda small actually. I didn't even know what it was at first.

I found porn on my sister's laptop.? I was in shock because she is so shy and studious.? I just can't see her watching that filth and masturbating, but I know she must do it.

I've searched my mum's drawer for toys - but never found anything lol.

Now my siblings... found tonnes of porn etc. on their computers lol.

I found my moms toys. She keeps it in a hat box on the top of her closet. I knew she had some because sometimes at night I can hear the buzzing sound coing from her room, so one day when she was at work I looked for it lol


Did you use them? :P?

my mom has a vibrator that I know for a fact that she cleans... so I use it/clean it too :P


how do you know she cleans it? haha

My mom keeps a dildo in a cabinet next to her bed. Good thing dad isn't insecure.

My parents are divorced but I remember seeing my mom's sex toys when I was younger and not knowing what they were. My dad doesn't have a porn stash as far as I know.

I found my mom's purple dildo when I was around 15. I thought it was funny and wanted to try it but it seemed too big at the time.


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