Can't finish?

so, I've never been able to orgasm. I'm a virgin so I've never had the pleasure of someone else making me orgasm, But I can't do it by myself and I'm not sure why. I found the spot that makes me feel great, so I go an stimulate it for about 10 minutes and it feels good. After those ten minutes I begin to moan so I speed up a bit, moan more and then suddenly I stop. I feel the need to stop and the sensation and pleasure that was there a few seconds ago is completely gone! I didn't orgasm. What could be wrong?

try to keep going when you feel that sensation and don't stop.?

Don't try so hard, just let it happen.
And try some other things, maybe if you lay face down instead, play with your nipples or touch your a-hole - you'll have to experiment, which is part of the fun!

Like Emily said you are trying too hard and overthinking it. Just think about the pleasure or something that turns you on. Relax. Don't say okay I have to orgasm this time because then your mind will be elsewhere and you just get distracted. Does that make sense? Just try to clear your mind and let it happen?

I also recommend stimulating other parts like Emily said. I love playing with my nipples and slipping a finger in my butt?

Slipping a finger or two in my butt does wonders for me

You still give the best advice Samantha :-)

sometimes i cant reach to orgasm too .
im virgin and cant fingering :-/


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