What is the best part about masturbation for you?

For me, it is the point at which I just start to orgasm, I wish I could hold that feeling forever.....

for me it is the orgasm

The feeling when the orgasm is just about about to come.

For me its durring..?

Liz, do you mean during masturbation, or during the orgasm?

I have to agree with you Lisa, the best part is when you can feel that you're about to cum and nothing in the world can stop it from happening as that wave of bliss starts to hit you

Unless that coincides with the point that you realise that someone is watching, that is Colleen.....LOL...

Cumming ;)

When I feel that I'm going to orgasm.

When I know an orgasm is imminent. That feeling of anticipation of orgasm and the sweet release to come.


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