Long boring drives...

Has anyone ever been driving and you just get so turned on that you need to take care of yourself? I just got back from a 5 hour drive and around 2 hours in I just couldn't control myself anymore. I grabbed a flat tube of sunblock and put it in my panties and just grinded on it until I got off! It was amazing!! Just seeing all the cars drive by me kept turning me on even more.

I can't drive yet, but I know what you mean.. Sometimes when we have been on long car trips with family I've gotten bored and then really turned on after starting to think all kinds of stuff :) A few times I've pulled a blanket over me and put my hand inside my pants. It's actually quite easy if there are not others in the backseat, but once when we were driving late at night I did it while my brother was sleeping on the backseat next to me.. Was scared that he would wake up but it was sooo exciting as well :)

Omg!!! You're brace!! I've never done it with anyone else in the car. Except one time with my boyfriend and I got him to do it for me lol. I'm quite the distracted driver?

I have done the same thing.. I was in the back seat all by myself on a 4 hour drive and I was listening to music on my phone and I was in lala land for a while. I just just so horny I started to read so erotic stories on line and put my jacket over my lap and began to touch myself. I didn't really have a great orgasm but I had one non the less It was exciting

I am not brave enough

I got super turned on during a bus ride due to the seat I was on was vibrating like crazy?

I have never done this - yet... but I am turned in at the thought of doing it sometime..


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