2nd base/3rd base at 15???? Help

I need some advice,

Over the past 2 weeks I have been in a relationship with a boy that I've known for 5 months. Me and him have a great bond with eachother, and although I haven't been in a relationship with him for long, I have trust in him. Whilst making out the other day he kissed my neck which eventually led to my breasts ( I allowed him to do this) and I enjoyed it a lot. The next time we met up, 2 days ago, he did the same but this time he touched my thigh area but went no further because when he looked at me as if to hint "do you want me to touch there" I shook my head as I am actually on my period... I must mention that I am 15 -16 in November- and don't know how far to go at my age. I am definitely not considering intercourse at this stage, but wondered what other things are appropriate? He has told me that I don't owe any sexual acts to him in return as he is happy enough pleasing me, which I thought was sweet!?

If we progress to him touching down there, would that be advised at my age? I do have an older sister but I dont really feel like talking this out with her. May I also point out that I am not shy around him when it comes to my body, that isn't my concern, I just want to know if that is moving too fast?

Any advice would be appreciated,

Thanks! :)

Only you can decide what's appropriate for you or if you're moving too fast. Some girls have done stuff at younger ages others have waited longer. There's no set ages for what to do


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