Sex and pulling out

so my partner and I both haven't had sex in a while...going on a few years (not each other but because we haven't dated ppl in a while) anyways we did it once with a condom and then we ran out of condoms. So he told me he would pull out so we did it again and then when he pulled out he came a lot. Like it freaked me out. It went all over the bed, me, the wall, floor, etc... Not to be too graphic but yeah so why did that happen lol. I didn't want to make him feel bad about it but I couldn't stop laughing

Um.. I took the morning after pill to be safe too. ?Also have been tested from previous partners. .

what do you mean...why did that happen?

Couldn't have been that much if it was his second load.

i wouldn't recommend doing that, i know its hard sometimes getting caught up in the moment and all, but i've had a guy who i let go without a condom promise to pull out, (cause im not on any birth control) and he ended up shooting a really big load inside of me. said he couldn't help it and was sorry. he had to get going so he got dressed and left leaving me with his semen still inside me trying to get it out and hope i wasn't pregnant.?

I mus say it is very interesting

Is that really the state of sex Ed in most countries? ?Bloody hell. ?Next generation are screwed.

'pulling out' isn't a birth control method.

precum released before and during sex can contain sperm. Sperm can live 3+ days in warm damp conditions.

'tried to get his cum out of me' - impossible. ?A sperm is too small to even see with the naked eye and it only takes 1. ?

Using a condom has a 2% annual fail chance. ?Birth control is 99.9% if you take it properly.

Condoms protect against STI's, the pill doesn't.

Be an adult about sex, be informed.

thats why i said i wouldn't reccomend that, and yes you can get some of it out, of course getting all of it out is probably not possible. but leaving it all in there definalty wouldn't help. This is why i said its best to say no and make them get a rubber, even if it is hard when caught up in the moment, ive made this mistake and paid for it.


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