What does the female orgasm feel like?

Is it normal that in the 5 1/2 years I've been with my boyfriend that I've never orgasmed? For me, it's my nerves that have always gotten in the way, as well as not enough foreplay, that has prevented me from reaching my climax. Just what does it feel like? Everywhere I've researched online I haven't gotten an answer on what exactly it feels like and how I'll know that I'm getting close. Please, someone. Anyone. Tell me what it's like and how I'll know when I'm about to get there. I'm desperate.

it's difficult to explain.? but...it's kinda like....building up to a certain point, and then just like.... WHOOSH....a huge release of pressure and pleasure.? Like you're going up and up and up on a roller coaster.....getting to the top and then WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO going down is such a huge rush.? It's kinda like that.

That being said....some women just can't orgasm from intercourse alone.? You need to teach your boyfriend to have a little more fun with foreplay.
What you need to do is have a few on your own, so you know what to expect and can try to help him get to where you need to be.


I actually can't masturbate. Not only are the walls in the house I currently live in thin, but I really only feel the need for release when people are home and getting ready for bed. But that's only a small part of it. I just can't bring myself to touch myself. I leave it up to my boyfriend to help me with release or I just go to the bathroom and it's gone.

there's nothing wrong with touhcing yourself.? you're never going to be able to enjoy sex if you can't accept the fact that you're a sexual being and that sex is a wonderful thing.? If you think of it as dirty or wrong, then it is always going to feel like that.


It's not that I think it's dirty or wrong. It's nerves. Although my boyfriend has a plan to help me get to the point where I can masturbate.

what nerves?? there's nothing to be nervous about... you just need to relax.


Also consider that I am a survivor or sexual assault. And I live with family who is not okay with/doesn't know about me being sexual. Both of those factors, plus the fact that I have literally never masturbated, ever, come into play when it comes to my nerves. And I don't feel comfortable touching myself when my boyfriend isn't around to keep me in the mood.

well you should have said that in the first place, that's much more than just "nerves" - someone violated you and that's wrong...but it's not your fault.
I would seek the counsel of someone trained to deal with sexual assault victims...if you haven't already.

Don't drop feed or half give information. ?Get your details in order, concise and on editorialised, then develop your question so that the full picture is understood. ?Help others help you.

I agree that it sounds very much like you would benefit from Counselling.

I've pretty much gotten over it by now. It was about 7 years ago that it happened. And I always forget to add some details before making the initial post. There are things that I don't think or remember to add until something jogs my memory. That's the Asperger's at work for you.

My one request for everyone is to please not berate me for being the chronically forgetful person that I am. People always seem to forget that fact and get mad at me because I'm a forgetful person. It isn't just in this post that I forgot to add in important details. It's literally in every aspect of my life. It annoys me to no end that I always get berated for something as small as me being forgetful.


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