Sex with friend was awkward

ok so I've had a lot of sex with ex bda but I had sex w a friend tonight ... It's been a few years for me so I was nervous also it hurt so much I could barely keep going. At one point he took a break. He's taller than me and kind of heavy and it was just weird. He came but I didnt. I'm just really curious as to why it hurt so much? I've never had this problem before.?

Well, first off, sex is going to be awkward in general. It's usually going to be a clumsy, sweaty act. Have fun, laugh, you don't have to have it scripted/going smoothly like in a movie lol
Secondly, it could've hurt so much because he's bigger or shaped differently? Maybe he was reaching where you aren't used to

Hmm... interesting, indeed :P

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