Friends with Benefits?

A close friend and I just both got out of long term relationships. Neither one of us wants anything serious, but it's summer and we've both got a lot of free time. He suggested we start a friends with benefits-no strings physical relationship. Initially I turned him down because he has far more sexual experience than me and it made me very anxious, also I'm a bit worried about what our other friends might think. However, giving myself a few days to think about it seems like a good idea, we're both single, need the distraction, and I'm leaving for college in a month at which point sex will be off the table for me because I can't be physical with anyone I haven't known for a long time.

Part of me still isn't sure and I haven't been able to muster up the courage to send him the message that I've changed my mind. Should I just let myself have some fun or is this hesitation a sign I should pass on the opportunity?

If you want to, go for it! Just make sure you know the guy fairly well, and know that he won't do anything you do want to do. Friends with benefits gets rid of stress with all the fun time you have ;')?

If you're up to it, I say go for it!! FWB was some of the best times I ever had :P However, feelings sometimes get in the way.

IMO I think it'd be cool to have a FWB but unfortunately I only have the one friend now and it would be too weird.. he's like a brother to me :)

I've been fwb with a female friend off and on (basically whenever we're both single) and it's always been great. As for guys I've never really had a "friend" with benefits, more like acquaintances with benefits. That's really just because I don't have that many guy friends that are attractive or are ever single when I am too though.
My only advise would to be upfront about what you want and what you're willing to do. Also if you aren't that experienced just tell him, I'm sure if he's a nice guy he'll understand.


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