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Hi. I am 16 amd getting close to having sex for the first time. I'm wondering what you girls think is the best position for the first time. Either the guy on top and just trust him to do it slow and gentle or me to get on top so I can control how slowly and deeply ut goes in.

I would suggest him on top first. Riding dick can be really difficult if your not used to it lol. But is a lot of fun. Message me if you want more advice!

Lying on your back is definitely easiest for your first time. Just make sure he knows to be gentle and that you're really wet before he puts it in. The wetter you are the less it will hurt. Good luck :)

Lots of for play! Dont let him get away without making you like dripping wet haha

I agree with the above posters. ?Definitely missionary. ?You want him to go slow, but he will still have to be sort of forceful or he'll never get it inside you. ?And yes, it will probably hurt some, and maybe a lot if your hymen is still intact.

I kinda thought the hymen was a myth??

No, but it can be that your hymen is stretched or is already worn, eg. through sporting activities

Lie on your back and pull your legs up and then him on top

Definitely for your first time I'd also suggest the missionary position. Much easier for you to relax and make sure you let him know that you want him to go slow at first. You dictate the tempo. Enjoy it.


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