Girls Opinion About Penis Size?

First, im a boy. I did 14 one month ago, Im from Brazil and I was searching about penis medium size, and i saw it was 5-6 inches. Im 14 and actually have 7.2 inches, and i heard grows until 21 years old. When i have sex, will i hurt her? What should i do to avoid this? Thanks everybody :)

I do not know how big is 7.2 inch in centimeter. My bf has 15 centimeters 😉

I worry if it's too big where will it go? I like to hold them but nervous to put it inside becouse I'm very petite

7.2 inches in centimeters is 18.3 centimeters

Btrfly , you are right, 18.3 centimeters is very big. I hope the boy do not want to put 18 cm inside a vagina, not me . 😁

If the penis is that long does it mean the boy has to not go all way inside?

@Btrfly - Not at all. :) The boy doesn't feel much extra pleasure going all the way in. As long as the head of the penis gets to be inside, it's good enough. So you can take just half of him and that would be just as good enough for him.
If anything, as long as he's careful, you'll be able to do a lot more positions with him.

If the penis is that long does it mean the boy has to not go all way inside?

the vagina stretches and expands when aroused... 7.2 inches ins't that big of a deal.

I don't believe for one second that a 14 year old boy has a dick over 7 inches long.

And why the hell are we entertaining another pervy guy here? WTF? There are literally hundreds of sites where he could go and ask this question. Why here? Could it be because there are young women, girls and young girls here? ;) It's much more likely he's 41 and not 14.

Why haven't people caught on yet? If someone has an empty profile and no pictures or bio there's a good chance they are fake, a robot spammer, or a male. It is also a good sign when a brand new "member" posts a really long thread for their very post ever and then they never post again. They just get us to respond. We can't fall for these people now that there are no mods on this site!!

Yes, im 14, not 41. And im asking here because i wanna know about GIRLS opinion. If i were a perv, i would offer you to see lol i just asked

(Girls opinion because i like girls, and when i do sex i will with a girl, not a boy)

i agree with emily, ok u got an anwser, you have a larger size penis thanks for posting, you can go now... BYE.



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