Does anyone ever use the bathroom in front of others, either friends or people in the family?
Have you ever seen someone else use the bathroom?

I'm asking because I had cousins, a brother and sister, who shared a bathroom between their bedrooms. I've always wondered if they used the bathroom in front of each other.

It is common for a brother and sister to share a bathroom but not at the same time!! I would be really surprised if they went to the bathroom in front of each other. I share a bathroom with my brother but not at the same time!!

I think a lot of girlfriends and boyfriends pee in front of each other, not as many poop in front of each other, and sometimes girlfriends will pee in front of each other also depending on the friendship I guess. To my knowledge nobody I know uses the bathroom in front of family members, except when small kids, or maybe if they couldn't move due to an injury or medical situation.

I have shared a bathroom with my gf's at parties and such where there is limited space. Or at concerts to save time.?

I wrote here before about watching a whole line of men and boys pee at the soccer field. I have certainly seen many many guys pee!

Yes but not on purpose tho, like when you go camping, you have to do your business behind a tree haha so, you usually take someone with you to cover your back

Hmm i do not understand you ;d

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no problem to share the bath with my parents (mom and dad)

i dont mind peeing infront of others but idk about family.

jenny: ?like you guys all use 1 bathroom? or no big deal to be "using" the bathroom while others are there?

@sadie123:? It is not a big deal to be in the same bathroom with my parents or with my best female friend.I will never share the bath with a boy.


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