enjoy turning him on and starting intercourse but is it fair to have him withdraw

I am posting this since it is not a porn movie but only a R movie that has a big impact on me. i like the idea of getting a guy so aroused that he gets carried away but yet do not know if it is OK to let him not finish. Whose fault is it??? I want to know if the guy is being selfish that he did not pull out, or if he just could not. Is it reasonable to expect if you let a guy start intercourse that he needs to finish orr that she is obligated to let the guy finish? I like the feeling of being able to have ?guys get so turned on that he just gets carried away but yet I am not sure if this is not fair to want hin to withdraw when he is so aroused.


No, you're never obligated to do anything.? If you expect him to pull out and then cum, you better tell him that.? Although, that doesn't always work.

So the best thing to do is to just always make sure he (or you) has a condom.? That way, you don't really have to worry about it. (That much)

Why doesn't it always work? Is it because he is not considerate and has no intentions of pulling out (his fault) or because during intercourse she got him too excited and made him cum before he could pull out (her fault)?

its not really a matter of fault.? sex is sometimes a compliacted thing, hard to explain...and sometimes our bodies just don't react the way we expect them to.? But if you tell a guy to pull out, and he doesn't...?? That's pretty much rape.

I agree with brandneweyes but to add more from my own experiences with guys.

You would have the higher moral standing if this is something you discuss in advance, vs in the heat of the moment suddenly asking him to do this. But either way, you are relying on him to make a decision that goes against what his body wants to do, at the moment when his body has the most control and his brain has the least control. His body and the primitive parts of his brain want to get you pregnant!! I would plan in advance so this ends up how you want, don't put all the pressure to make a smart decision on a guy with an erection, I am not talking about right or wrong it just isn't something to count on. JMO!!

If you are not wanting to get pregnant, DO NOT USE THE PULL OUT METHOD. ALWAYS have some form of birth control. You can't trust a horny boy to do as he said he would do. Just in that youtube clip, he PROMISED that he would pull out, and obviously...he didn't. It's not wrong at all to ask him to do that. He's not the one who would have to carry the baby and care for it. Odds are, he doesn't care how he finishes, as long as he does. And, if you have him wear a condom, he can still finish inside, and you would be more protected. My advice is to be on a pill or shot, AND use a condom. Because birth control fails more often than you would think. Never feel bad for asking someone not to do something you arent comfortable with. It's your body, you say who goes inside and you say who stays inside. Just be safe and don't let ANYONE pressure you into something. I know this advice doesn't really apply with the question you asked, I just feel very strongly about how careless people are with sex. I've seen MANY girls get pregnant at my highschool because they trusted their boyfriend to pull out, and that's the only form of birth control they used. Im sorry if I'm rambling, haha. I guess I'm just pretty opinionated...


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