The sisterhood of the traveling nudes

im currently in my freshman year of high school and my friends and I are already recognized as the "sluts"... prior to last night I was completely known as the innocent one. My friends all were avid advocates for sexy pics , nudes and all that and as friends we shared our own amongst each other after sharing them with a guy... before I had I wasn't uncomfortable but I really wanted to but now after sending I feel like I made a mistake sending it to a guy a I barely knew and just thought was cute...

and if im really thinking it, I did it out of anger after a guy I was willing to give it up to said I was "aight".?

Do do you guys think sending nudes is a big deal? I didn't think so but I'm kinda second guessing...😪

I think you answered your own question. ?It seems like the crowd you choose to hang around don't have your best interests at heart and are more interested in encouraging you to be like them. ?A lot of girls on here will tell you it means nothing, but the way you are feeling now is testament to how it does negatively affect you. ?

You sound like you just want to be considered desirable and beautiful (who doesn't?), but you are going about it all the wrong way. ?If a guy doesn't want to get to know who you are in depth as a person first, then of course all they are after is using your physical appearance to get off. ?And even then, they have probably already got off over all your friends pics so just how special do you think your nudes will be considered? ?Look at the millions of shared photos that have ended up immortalised on Tumblr. ?Nameless faces for strange old men to get off over who don't value girls as anything more than sexual objects.

You acted out of anger because a guy said you look 'alright'. ?Well, guys will tell you anything to get sex or sexual acts off you. ?Fact of life. ?He could easily have lied for a few weeks to get the nudes then said the same. ?Image how much worse you'd feel? ?

Your body has whatever value you choose to place on it. ?If you want to just spread it about like a common cold for everyone to get off over, fine. ?That's your prerogative. ?Just know that in the long-run it won't help your insecurity over your body, only you becoming more confident in yourself will achieve that. ?As for 'slut', we all have life choices and so long as you aren't hurting anyone or yourself then do what you think will make you happy long-term. ?I would argue that isn't sending sexts, but only you know you!

i'm a bit of an exhibitionist so i really enjoy sending nudes/sexting BUT i only do it with people I don't know and no face pics?

i just don't trust people in school

Honestly I wouldn't let any guy have control of a nude pic of me with maybe some limited exceptions, until you're in a very solid ltr and you have a lot of trust for him which, being a freshman in high school, I think is most likely years away for you. Letting random guys have nudes of you is very risky because guys like to brag and show off things like that. Even a girl having control of a pic like that might be a little risky if for example she gets mad at you and decides to embarrass you or something. Your friends sound to me like they could do something like that in the future but idk really.

I got burned badly by this when I was 18 it's a long story, I've posted before won't post again here. But it caused me a lot of stress and problems and resulted in some weird decisions that caused even more problems. Feeling that way really blows.

If you must, 1- try to keep it as tame as you can and 2- don't include your face or anything else that will 100% identify you. But you're better off not doing this.


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