What are your turn on spots?

For me, it's my neck, chest, and ass. What about you gurls?

My lower back, when I'm wearing a crop top and my b/f puts his hand up my shirt.?

Being kissed: neck, back of neck, behind ears, shoulders, small of back, thighs, legs.
Touched with hands: face, hair, butt, boobs, side, full body massage.

Hmmm, I think I just named nearly my whole body, oh well!!


Haha! Isn't that a bit true for everyone, though? There are SO many erogenous zones all over our body.

When my bf kisses and nibbles on my ears it seems to be a huge turn on. My collar bone being gently bit same with my neck right under my jaw line.

My neck and ears, my lips, my boobs, my ass and lower back, and if my bf starts touching my inner thigh it's all over.

the side of my neck, just below my ears, behind my ears, inner thighs, tummy/abdomen area, lower belly, back of thighs

My stomach, just under the waistband of my panties...I love it when my BF Todd puts his hand there...:-)

Grab tits/ass, kiss and nibble neck and ear. Gets me craaaazy

Neck, back of thighs, abdomen, behind my ears, chest, bottom of ribcage.


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