I want to try new things!

So I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year and the sex is amazing, but has gotten pretty routine after a while, not saying I'm not enjoying it though. We had the conversation about fetishes and sexual fantasies a little while back and found out we're into the same things. We talked about trying more BDSM type stuff (shibari, ball gags, hot wax, paddles, etc.) as well as anal sex and roleplay. That conversation was over a month ago and we still fall into the routine of simply having missionary sex while he chokes me and talks dirty to me. We both know what we want but haven't followed through and I don't know how to bring it up without sounding like I'm dissatisfied?

You haven't tried any other positions?

I think you should try implementing what you have discussed.?

I didn't know what shibari was until I looked it up due to what you said, interesting! Some of the pics are sexy, but it might be uncomfortable or cut off blood flow.?Also if you need to pee wouldn't it take forever for him to let you down? I am guaranteed to need to pee at the wrong time especially if I can't move. I can see it now he spends half an hour tying knots and I need to pee when he is ALMOST done. Or maybe that is intentionally part of the humiliation factor idk.

As for paddles you can use stuff you may already have unless you want something specific, for example we have used a wooden kitchen spoon like you use to stir stuff you're cooking.

Maybe you could buy a sex toy that fits what you talked about earlier for example a ball gag and give it to him? That might start a conversation where you remind him of what you discussed earlier.

I like being held down, I would like to be tied down (not shibari just plain tied down) but too embarrassed to ask so far.

Wow I get pervy when missing my BF!! I hate final exams!!

Its called edgeplay for good reason.? People have died engaging in it.


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