Too Tight?

My boyfriend recently tried to finger me, it was my first time getting fingered or anything like that and he had trouble even getting one finger in, if he tried it burned and felt really uncomfortable. It sucks because I was really looking forward to it and I want him to do it again and actually be able we've been thinking about having sex in the near future and clearly that won't be able to happen now. I wear super-absorbancy tampons and have no trouble getting those in...why am I so tight? Is there anything I can do to get myself more ready for things like this? It's not an issue of arousal.

You could try fingering yourself and see what you can handle.?

'Burns'? ?Sounds more like an infection has caused inflammation. See a doctor.

If it only burns while Being fingered, I doubt if it is an infection, we all know how painfully and uncomfortable it is the first time anything is put into us, and there is a difference between a tampon and finger, your Vagina has to stretch, use some lube like KY jelly it will be messy but use a lot after a few times your Vagina will stretch, welcome to womanhood.

Virginia lol. DYAC? Yes it will open up. In the meantime you can enjoy it in other ways, even through underwear with nothing going inside you.

I'd say follow Hollie & Amelia's advice and perhap relax a bit or have him try slower.

By no means am I trying to put you down but maybe:? Could it be your body telling you you're not ready for that?? Maybe you're going a little fast factoring in that you've been with him for less than 5 weeks? ( allows me to come to that conclusion)?


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