Messing Around and ideas on what to do?

Hey all, I'm 15 and been talking with this guy from one of my classes a lot the last few days. He's 17 and really my type, and today we messed around in his truck on our lunch break from school. He was fingering me and made me cum and he's really damn good at it. I'm a really quiet person and just wondering if anyone can give me advice on what to do other than just stare at him with my legs open and his hand in my pants. He drove me crazy, and I want to know what I can do. It was pretty obvious he was hard and I was thinking maybe straddling him? Thanks!

Straddle him and maybe reach into his pants and return the favor. Could also ask him what he wants, or likes and do that

Roxyyy: some advice from someone who has been there; teenage boys do not think like we do, when they say that teenage boys think with their penises that is exactly what they do. You are at the age where most of use lost our virginity, and once you start there is no turning back, start out slow and only do what you are comfortable with, don't let anyone talk you into doing anything that you don't want to, I know that there is a lot of curiosity about what a boy's body is like, but once you have a hold of a guys penis his brain kicks out and all he wants is to get off,?there will be pressure to finish what you start. Some guy's will take no for an answer and some will not without at less a mental fight! I know your body is ready for intercourse make sure your emotions are also, I would start by giving him a hand job later on head, most guys will be happy just getting off, and always use protection.

Definitely understandable, and I consider myself pretty mature and smart, but I do underestimate myself on purpose so I don't get lured into what I don't want to do. I told him I really doubted I'd go all the way with him and have sex, and he said he'd only go as far as I wanted and wouldn't push me, which I'm grateful for. I wouldn't have agreed to do anything if I told him no and got a "Why not?". Thanks for the advice :)

Sounds like you have it together. Good for you

Well like Hollie said, one thing can lead to another!! Once you take a step you can't un-take it if you know what I mean. So just think carefully and don't do anything you aren't comfortable doing. That said and just answering the question. The tamest "next step" would be leaning against him or laying on his lap while his hand is in your pants, and let yourself react when it feels good he will like watching and hearing you and if you fondled a boob through clothes I doubt he would complain either. Bigger steps (and I would think carefully about these) would be letting him dry hump you (basically simulated sex through clothes), and or hand job.

Also it depends if you want to date him or you're just kind of exploring sexuality, if you want to date him I'd personally go a little slower with this stuff. Good luck!!

Probably less leaning towards dating, but it's possible. I definitely don't want to push myself and regret it, so I'll probably just get a lot closer to him next time instead. I don't want fun to turn down a bad road. Thanks y'all

Was he being truthful saying he'd only go as far as you wanted to? You said "I really doubted I'd go all the way with him and have sex."? That in itself could make think eventually you'll eventually have sex with him.? Maybe, you should have said, "I'm not going to have sex until ***." ?? Maybe he was truthful or maybe he he strongly believes you'll eventually give in.

Tend to agree with Hollie but? ANYONE male or female could let the passion get out of control and totally let loose and have sex.?


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