Can I be pregnant?

I'm sorry but this is going to be a pretty long question. I'm sixteen and I've been dating my boyfriend for five months. We had very detailed discussions on what we were comfortable trying (both of us are virgins) and up until this point had never tried anything in less than just our underwear. I'm waiting for my birth control appointment right now, and I'm aware of the ways that a girl can get pregnant even without having sex. I'm pretty educated on the matter in fact. However a while back my boy and I decided to try to have sex, and we used both condom and lube. Our attempts were oddly unsuccessful (on his behalf) and even with a condone on he never ended up... Finishing. Or coming close. At all. Trust me. So that wasn't really a worry. But I am now 11 days late with no sign of my period coming anytime soon. I have read that this is a symptom of an eating disorder I am dealing with but its never affected me before. I'm very very nervous and need answers and advice as soon as possible. Thank you so much!!!

When I was 16 with an eating disorder, I didn't have a period for about 8 months and from what I remember it just stopped. It was just a month that I didn't bleed, and then another, and another. I wasn't sexually active then and there wasn't anything else that would've caused it. It's just going through your usual symptoms without the bleeding. It's highly unlikely that you're pregnant if you used a condom and he didn't finish. Your period can be affected by serveral different things and malnutrition is definitely one of them. I hope you can get a hold on your eating disorder and can get better soon. I know how tough it is, I've gone from eating disorders to disordered eating, and it's been 4 or 5 years since it began. So I know the struggle, but you can definitely get better :)


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