Do I pursue him?

I've just turned 18 so we've started going out to clubs and stuff in big groups.?
Each time we've gone out I've gotten with this boy that I've always had, what I can only describe as, "chemistry with" (I'm sorry its so cringe). The thing is at first it'd be awkward the day after in school and stuff but more recently we've been really friendly in the morning and giving each other lifts home and stuff. My friends said they think somethings changed in the way we act when we're sober but I personally dont see it. I honestly dont know if I want to pursue things or just keep it as a drunken hook up thing??
We're both going to uni next year anyway so we wouldn't want to start anything serious??
What do you thinks going on in his head?

Well for one thing I guess you aren't American because we can't legally drink at 18!

But beyond that, are you having sex or making out? You said "keep it as a drunken hook up thing" which to me means you're having sex but maybe that's not how you meant it, the rest of your post made it sound like you just hang out in a group.

So I will give different answers depending on that question.

If you are having sex and he likes being around you, it may likely just mean he likes having sex and likes seeing you because he gets sex. OR, he might have bonded to you and be imagining something longterm it could be either.

If you are NOT having sex, then it sounds to me like he likes-likes you and would like a relationship.?

JMO!! Good luck!!


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