I gave my first blowjob to my boyfriend a couple weeks ago and I think he hated it... I know it wasn't good, I've never had any experience with stuff like that. I guess im just looking for advice? What do you do that drives your man crazy? I just need the basics, at least until I get used to it. He's amazing at going down on me (I climaxed 3 times the first time he went down) and I want to pay him back, but I can't if I don't know what I'm doing. Help!!?

Try licking his length, run your tongue around the head, use lots of spit "the wetter the better?, do what I call monkey bits: littler bits and kisses along the length, hold the base of his shaft keeping it still. mix it up and have fun for some reason guys like to know that you like giving head.

Like hollie said don't forget to lick the head. Guys love that.

There are plenty of write ups in magazines and online about how to give great oral sex. But honestly I think the best thing to do is ask him what he likes or wants you to do. The more you communicate about your mutual likes/dislikes the better the sex will be.?

keep your mouth very wet and arch your head up so there is almost a straight line of your mouth with your throat to avoid gagging. it is best to nibble slowly down the length not take whole length all at one time. when you feel it throbbing in your mouth pull back so he cums in your mouth not deep in your throat. guys love to see their juice in your mouth, also?

What makes you think he hated it? Did he cum?
Pay attention to his balls, keep things wet, lick the underside of the penis and try to get a rhythm going till he cums. Show him you like it.

I think the word "blowjob" or when people say "sucking D" is confusing because you aren't mostly blowing or sucking. MOSTLY what you do is turn your mouth into a kind of firm O (lips covering teeth) just big enough to be a tight fit and then bob your head so the tight O area passes over the D in a steady rhythm. The steady rhythm part is really important you can vary it once or twice (like speed up or slow down) but if it's random or changes a lot he'll be distracted.

Normally you prolong it (and rest your jaw and neck) by taking breaks where you may do some other types of licking or whatever but, what I described is pretty much the way to make the guy orgasm, the other stuff is to tease a little or make it a more unique or personal experience. I think some girls ONLY or MOSTLY do the "prolong it" stuff and are confused it doesn't work :)

Also if you have long hair put it in a ponytail or something he wants to see your face and maybe make eye contact.

I am a little uncomfortable talking about this!! But I do think a lot of girls are confused about it so I decided to get over my issues and chime in lol.


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