Fantasy confessions?

What are some of your fantasies? Anything counts!

I would love to have another woman have intercourse with me wearing a strap on.

Very nice!

I decided to delete this post so it doesn't show up forever when people do searches or whatever.?If you quoted me can you do me a favor and delete the quote from your post? TIA!!


Has he done it on your bare butt or are you still clothed?

No.?Deleted the rest, if you quoted me can you do me a favor and delete the quote from your post? TIA!!

Aw. I like it in the moment but not too hard. I don't think I would like it if he just did it without warning

He didn't do it randomly it was based on something I did.

Deleted the rest, if you quoted me I'd appreciate it if you delete the quote, TIA!!

Oh I see. Maybe that is a good idea, to have him choose a milder punishment then resort to spanking after that. I have never really been spanked except when actually having sex so I'm not sure if my advice is worth much haha.
It is a lot of fun while having sex but he has to be somewhat gentle or else I don't like it

A 3 or 4 GIRL session )P


so let me get this straight... when you are annoyed with him or do something he doesn't like, you want him to restrain and hit you? ?Wtf? ?What sort of message is that sending out! ?

What was your relatiosnship like with your father? ?It sounds like you want a father figure, and you associate that with discipline. ?

And as you say, being hurt and crying doesn't turn you on, so why do it?

i could never lay a finger on someone I love to cause them pain, and if I hit them and they cried... think I'd rather have myself locked up. ?Just couldn't do it.

I understand where you are coming from and honestly I can't explain myself on this subject, except to say that I think people are complicated.

Deleted the rest, if you quoted me can you do me a favor and delete the quote from your post? TIA!!

i'll just say i don't think it's an abnormal thing shellyb ?just not something that is made public a lot. ? a lot of the bdsm type stuff is around a healthy relationship that just has different paramaters than what society says is "normal"?

I'd like to be fingered or eaten out - both things which haven't happened to me yet but it turns me on to think about it.


Knowing your partner could hit you at any moment makes you feel additionally loved and supported? ?No. ?Haven't the faintest idea what you are on about but that doesn't sound healthy.


I would say think of it like spanking: there IS ?a difference between a spank that turns a girl/guy on and an abusive spank?

as long as you both know the boundaries and have a safe word i don't think it's unhealthy

DR you are right from a certain point of view but there are parts of human nature (especially my nature) that don't make obvious logical sense.

Deleted the rest, if you quoted me can you do me a favor and delete the quote from your post? TIA!!

a few of my fantasies are involving anal, pee play (weird i know), camping naked for a few days hehe,?


Just the nude camping sounds good

To be seduced by an older woman

"To be seduced by an older woman"

Hiya older than what? And how old do you mean??

Older than me - like 25+


that's quite hot Jess ;)

I'm in a spy partner and I are captured, stripped naked and tied up in front of each other face to face. He gets really hard and I can feel him pressing against me. After a few minutes of struggling to get free, he dumps a huge cum load on my boobs. We get free when his second load loosens the

Older guys like my dad's age. One if my mates dad is a hottie. He pops in to me mind sometimes when I'm masturbating

One of my dad's friend is handsome, blue eyes ,tall I saw him in a boxer in the courtyard of my house, he has nice body, and I ask myself how is his penis 😀

Thats hot to fantasise about

Btrfly I know but he is not interested in me 😂😂

It doesn't stop you fantasising about him though.


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