for those of you that have tried anal:

what position is the most comfortable

most intense

least comfortable

Most comfortable: spoons (on our sides)

Most intense: doggie or missionary (on my back)

Least comfortable: me on top ("cowgirl" or "reverse cowgirl"), but only because I have to do more work, lol

The only way i've done it is laying on my stomach. It was "ok". Not really uncomfortable, but not really that intense (at least for me). I can't compare to the other ways obviously but I'd really like to try being on my back instead.?

I did it once and we did it doggy. It was ok. Definitely a different sensation/

missionary is most painful because my bum is wedged on bed. me riding him on top is most comfortable because can spread my legs wide. him dogging from behind is most intense and his favorite way to do it because he can double dip in to my pussy and bum?


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