Idk I really do

I'm a virgin who really wants some head. Is that weird? I don't want to do it all the way, but I want that part.?

Its not weird, its normal to have sexual desires even if its not going all the way

Not weird at all. It's human nature to want to be pleasured in some way even if that's not actual sexual intercourse?

Whew okay good.

Yeah me too!

ccohhi: Please remember that not all girl's like to give head! Just like not all guy's like to go down on a girl, we are all different, be respectful and if she say's no don't pressure her, She may not let you orgasm in her month, that is okay let her be herself. No really does mean no.

No I totally understand that no means no, and I'm also talking about being with a guy.?

I'm so sorry: I miss read your statement, I thought that you where a guy looking to get head.


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