This person has been posting on since September 2016 as a 16 year old girl. I chatted with this person for a little bit, and while I was talking to her I got this sickening feeling, and I googled this persons username.

SammyB_16 is a guy who is pretending to be a 16 year old girl online who really is a 25 male your old male from Ediburgh Scottland named Sam Black..? This is what?HE?looks like.?Interesting Sam Black has the same username on gurl SammyB_16.

Googled more information about?SammyB_16?username on google, and the same username came up on plenty of fish with his pictures, and his age being?25 years old. ?

This perv wasn't even smart enough to change his username on here, and uses the same username all over the internet.?

Be careful girls....

not saying you're wrong...but... the person in the twitter profile and the person in the POF profile are 2 completely different least they look different IMO.

Just because the same username is being used on different sites...doesn't mean it's the same person.

I assume that baby-jgirl went straight to The Moderators with her suspicions? Maybe The Mods should have taken a hand in issuing this warning also, as at the moment we've got a link to a girl's twitter account (Samantha Black from Scotland) and to a guy's POF account (Sammy Black from Ireland).

Where the male from Edinburgh comes into it, I've not yet worked out. I'll take this seriously, when I'm able to understand it.

Omg!! If a guy from Ireland and a girl from a Scotland are using the same username, doesn't it stand to reason that a girl from the United States can be using it to?? Twitter and gurl have nothing to do with each other. I don't even HAVE a twitter! Go pick on someone who posts creepy stories about incest and leave me alone. last time I checked I was a female?


This is pretty stupid.

For one thing, there's nothing on that twitter page to link sammy the user on here with the person running the twitter account. Literally nothing aside from having the same username. Also by doing a bit of checking, nothing in the writing styles matches up at all between them.?

Secondly, the pof profile is a completely different person who is spanish/portuguese. So if anything that shows how stupid this is - it literally proves how sammyb16 is obviously a common internet username.

It's also pretty wrong to go and post something like this publicly without even checking your facts first. Anyone with a brain could see this is clearly wrong and it's a slur on the real sammy here.?

There are lots of fake girls on here, many of whom don't need outing. I doubt very much sammy is one. There is however another prominent Sammy who almost certainly is, although thankfully that one seems to have given up posting and has been inactive for over 2 weeks now.

Thank you Zoe!

SammyB on this board is not Scottish and not male :)

Thanks Shelly?

Hiya Shelly I would be be proud to have SammyB_16 as "SCOTTISH"


Angie I didn't know you were Scottish. Thank you sweetie?

Your very welcome Sammy. Well I have lived in Scotland most of my life, But am IRISH by birth :)

BTW the forum home page looks funny it like just all white also the print is not right. Has anyone else this problem??

Oh you are? That's so cool. I'd like to visit both Ireland and Scotland some day.?

Yeah the background layout is messed up for everybody. Whoever runs the site needs to fix it?

Hopefully it's a sign that they're working on it??? Or maybe it's a sign that they're gutting it, which I don't see why they would. They still use material from the boards in their articles. Then again, they do use stuff from reddit a lot, so who knows.?

They use things we post in the boards in the articles? Like what kind of things? I never noticed that?

Oh yeah, like they'll articles titled "7 girls on *this topic*" and they'll use our posts from specific threads.

We are famous! Haha?

Maybe just a stupid coincidence?

Yes it is, Jenny?




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