Morning after pill etc . .

on Saturday I had sex with a FWB ?we didn't use protection, anyways Monday night I took a morning after pill and about 3 hours later I hooked up with my ex-boyfriend, who I am trying to work thinks out . . With that being said . . Would i be ?safe from the other guy I had sex with like do you think the plan b flushed anything from him out of me ? Because my ex came in me too and I didn't take a pill after being with him . .?

why don't you just use condoms?? :ugh:

i know I was not being responsible at all, but I just want to know will the pill cover me from the first act of sex ??

Telling her what she should've done isn't going to help her with her question. Humans make mistakes sometimes.

It should keep you protected from the first guy since you took it before you slept with your ex. As far as it keeping you safe from when you were with your ex, I would think so, but I'm not entirely sure. I mean, 3 hours isn't that long for it to process through your body. Usually you start your period a few days after you take it which flushes out any fertilized eggs. But I would ask your doctor or an obgyn to make sure of that, considering I'm not a licensed professional.?

I agree with WaterBaby 100%. That sounds like a unique situation and one that a medical person should answer. Just be careful next time.

Thank you girls ☺️

Keep in mind that Emeregency Contraception is more effective the sooner it's taken and nothing is fool proof.? So, please discuss the concerns with a doctor and see how they want you to proceed.? Try not to stress over it either.


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