Do you mind if your boyfriend talks about your private life to his friends?

I find it very personal and my boyfriend has promised to never speak about it so I was wondering what you think about it?

my bf and i are a bit "odd" probably: ?i don't care if he skypes/snapchats with other girls as long as they aren't local BUT i don't want anyone we know knowing about our private time


why? O.o

Tbh, I'm more pissed that from what I know he told them that he made me sound boring.

I think I would like him to hint or imply that we have great sex and that I please him, but, I would rather he not put clear images in people's heads of things I do or things that are done to me! JMO!

Are we talking about intimacy or your own personal life?
You both need to discuss what's off limits and what isn't so it doesn't create friction with others.

Definitely, our intimacy acts? or my preferences? to them or my inside clothing is noone's business.

If you're referring to the intimate aspects of our relationship, it's no one else's business, so yes I would be quite upset if he shared such information. He wouldn't though as he has more sense and maturity than that.

Having said that, we live together along with another girl and she knows some things about our intimate lives because we both trust her, she is very open-minded and of a like mind to both of us. She has also participated a few times in our intimate activities.

Waterbaby, that is hilarious.

*finger guns*


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