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It looks good on others, not sure on me :)
Would you grow out your pubic hair?


would you give up your tablet, phone, and laptop for 1 month?

would you eat the same crappy meal for a month?

No would u listen to the same song for a month?

I already do sometimes haga
wou you keep the same haircut for the rest of your life?

no way not for 100,000

would you wear a donald trump t shirt for a month?


Would you have sex with a Trump supporter?

I dont think that question is suitable for these forums

:-/ ?why was mine removed? ? i thought we were finally over the last question and on with the game

Looks like the website went back in time...

yes I would have sex with a trump supporter

for 100,000 would you wear a butt plug for a day lol


would you wear a vibe all day that someone could control?

Yes :)
would you get tied up to a bed all day for someone to use you?

It depends on the person ;) I might do it

Would you let someone eat a banana (or another food) out of your pussy

Yes. Would you do a threesome?


Would you do anal sex

would you do double penetration

Yes, to pretty much all of these, it's $100000 dude!! Anything that doesn't permanently injure me or anyone else and that is over in 24 hours or less is probably going to be acceptable for $100000!! lol

Would you be a stripper for a month at a club right in your town/neighborhood or whatever where you know there's a high risk of people you know seeing? And if someone DOES recognize you, even if it's on the first night, you have to go through with it for the full month while they gossip about it and other people show up to see for themselves??

For $100000? Hmm probably not but definitely?for a million.

would you walk around your entire town naked if it were legal??


depends how far you wanted me to walk, i enjoy showing off my body but some people in town i don't want to see me naked

would you wear a butt plug for a day out in public

Yes I would.
?Would you go a month without masturbating

No I would go crazy going a day.

would you drive though a take out window nude?

I don't think I could.
Would you go through a take out window in just a bra and thong?

Yes: that is not much different than some bathing suits

Would you walk though the boys locker room with only a bra & thong?

Hehe yes I would.
Would you do that naked


Would you go all the way the first time you met a super hottie?

Would you do a blowjob in public?


Would you do a blowjob (on a guy you don't know and don't really like) in private?

for $100,000, sure.

would you proposition a teacher?

Tough one it depends on a lot of details I don't want to get too detailed on a yes/no question. Yes I would in the right situation, meaning, if I was single at the time and I could do it in private and either I could pick the teacher, or not actually follow through on doing anything (just words). It has to be in private either way because then it's his word against mine, I would not do it if it could be publicly proven I did it.

Would you pose nude for a popular magazine or web site? (If you aren't old enough yet pretend you are)

would you have sex with 3 guys at once? ?remember it is 100,000$


Not Guys, But with Girls that would a different story :)

i would literally do just about anything for that kinda money LOL

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