new game

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my friends and i play this
ask a question of what would you do for 100,000 dollars

would you spend the day topless?

answer then ask one

yes i would but i'd probably stay in all day lol

would you flash your pussy to guys in the street


would you go streaking through your school?

if its empty, like at night.

would you watch your parents have sex?

No :$
Would you swallow a glass of cum?

for the $$ sure

would you let someone finger your back door


would you let someone eat you out?

Yes ;)
Would you let someone play rough in bed with you?

would you give a blindfolded BJ without knowing who you were giving it to

for $100,000? sure.

would you give a cousin a handjob?

For that money yes :)
would you get fucked in a gang bang?

For $$ yess
Would you let someone kiss your nipples?

Any girl can do it for free ;)
would you have sex with a girl?

Of course.
Would you do anal sex?

So in effect most of the user base here would work as prostitutes? ?You realise that is what you are saying, right?


well Iamyourdr, everything is for sale for the right price hehe

for 100,000 would you use an adult diaper for a full day?



Why so bitter and judgemental? YOU realize it's just a game, correct??

IAmYourDr why do you have to analyze everyone's responses to things on the board? I've seen you do it to a number of people and I have to say it gets annoying . How old are you anyway?


lol 'analyse' what is said clearly in black and white??

What gets annoying is the amount of fake posts on here of people just trying to jerk one out.

It's the internet. Of course there are going to be fake posts. But regardless, you've proven to be very judgemental on here.

its just a game geesh?

no i wouldnt wear an adult diaper?

would you let someone shave your head?

Nope I wouldn't let someone do that

Would you let someone shave/wax your pubes


would you show your parents a sexy selfie of yourself?

Haha not my parents.?
Would you show one to a sibling?

Hell nah

Would you try bdsm if you haven't already?

yes for the money
Would you have no shower or bath and aswell no makeup for 6 months?

no i couldnt do that

would you stay locked in your room for 3 months?

No would you wear the same outfit (clean) for 6 months?


yes people analyze the written word all the time, they're called analysts?

Yes. but if i can select this clothes
Would you give away your pet (if you have a pet)

no way not for 100,000 to precious for that

would you make a sex tape with a celebrity?

Yes I would

Would you let someone bodypaint you and walk with you in public

Would you have your nipples pierced?

Sounds painful but i have heard it increases sensitivity?
Would you get your clit pireced?

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