Period advice

Hello, I had unprotected sex 3 months ago a couple days before I got my period. I also received my period the month after, and the month after that. I was supposed to get my period about 23 days ago but it has not come. I have not been sexually active for 3 months and Im a little worried about why Im so late as I havent had a period come this late before and my periods are fairly regular. Any advice is appreciated!

Take a pregnancy test. Some birth control can stop period for that month. Im on birth control and I had periods but one month, I didnt. Good luck x Im not sure about being pregnant if you got your period the months after that,though.

Update: Pregnancy test came back negative, and the doctor has me on medication for thin uterus lineing in order to thicken it up back to normal. Hopefully this will bring me back on track. Not on birth control but will probably consider starting in a couple months.

It is some irregularity with periods because since you were sexually inactive for some time no needto take pregnancy test.


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