So earlier this week, I had a one night stand. I'm a freshman in college, and I went to the bars with my best friend. Some guys she knows were there, and we ended up hanging out with them. I went home with one guy, let's call him L. I feel fine about it, I wasn't taken advantage of or anything like that. He seemed nice at the time, but then the next night i was out again and his fraternity brother, A, drunkenly told me L has a girlfriend. A then later said L didn't, and that he was a "good guy", but that sounds suspicious IMO? My friend went home with the guy I hooked up with's other friend,T, who then asked my friend what my name was the next morning?because L wanted to know. Later he DM-ed me, but I got too nervous and never responded because I may have been a girlhe cheated with. Is this bad? I can't tell if he has a GF or not, and I doubt his frat brothers will give me a real answer. If he does, I feel like a terrible person. Obviously that's on L for being a cheater, I didn't even know, but if he doesn't feel bad for low key ghosting him. What do I do?

I doubt he's telling the truth if everyone says he has a gf and he says he doesn't, because, well, that's what cheaters do. They lie. I'd probably stay away from him. It doesn't sound like anything good would come from being around him other than sex. And even then, he's probably hurting another girl whenever you guys hooked up. So, as you already acknowledged, you're not the one who should be feeling bad, it's him. These are the type of guys who don't really care who's heart gets broken as long as they get laid, so even if you're just in it for sex, I still wouldn't want to be around him knowing there's another girl who's being hurt. So while you're not the one hurting her, since you already feel bad that there might be a gf, I'd stay away just in case there really is. It'd probably save you some confusion, mixed feelings, and drama.

Don't feel bad, you aren't in the wrong. It's normal for boys to cheat at uni/college sadly and if he does have a girlfriend then he is in the wrong. I'd reply to his message and ask him outright if he has a girlfriend


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