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My boyfriend and I have been together for close to 8 months now. Let me first mention that we are both 16 and both virgins. Of course the topic of sex has come up mulitple times, but it's brought up more often now. We always do things like makeout and more recently we started oral. He says he's ready and he's in love with me, but i'm still kinda afraid. I am completely in love with him, but i'm afraid that we might do it then breakup soon after and i reget my choice. We've discussed how i feel and he continues to ensure me how in love he is with me. I want to do it, but i, just afraid of possibilities. What should i do?

-If youre not comfy,wait alittle longer. You dont have to have sex yet. If you trust him,feel comfy with him,etc go for it. However use protection. I would wait alittle longer to think about it,it just probably isnt the time yet for you. Dont feel pressured either.

i'm probably odd, i decided instead of losing mine to my bf I decided to fool around with a good friend, we had been friends for a while and remain friends sometimes fool around sometimes don't. ? I figure I didn't want to lose it to a bf then break up and be upset that I let some jerk take it

@Skylerliana Hiya If your asking the question here it seems to mean you are not ready to do it even know your doing oral, And as you are sitll a virgin it looks like you are very sensible (good for you). and its good your thinking about what could happen afterwards, I have seen it happen to to many girls, You can only ever loose your virginity ONCE so you got to be sure that the time and the person is right. So I think you shoud hold back for now and dont be pushed into doing it you could regret, and as Dawn said^^^^?"use protection" whenever the time comes.
Take Care

"I'm still kinda afraid" said it all. You need to wait.

If he loves you the way he says, then he won't have any problem wating.


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