Terms For The Penis

What words did you use to refer to the penis when you were young, and what words to you use now?

When I was young, most of the girls I knew used the words "wiener" and/or "dink".

Now, I and most girls I know use the word "dick" but a few still say "wiener" sometimes. Mostly "dick" though.

Sometimes I use wiener and dink when I'm with my boy, but he likes that. :)

I've never even heard "dink." Whaaaa? But "weiner," yeah, and "his thing" (as stupid as that sounds).

Now I say "cock" or "dick." Slight preference for "cock." You might say I love "cock."

"Weenie" when I was younger, but sometimes the girls will still say a boy has a "teenie weenie peenie" haha.? All the girls in my high school call it a "dick," but if it's hard they say he has a "bone" or "boner" or they say he is "on the bone."

Also hard-on.

mostly weiner or thingy when i was younger

When I was younger it was usually dick but now my friends and I all say cock or if hard it's wood or woody. Sometimes boner.

When I was younger I always heard it called a wiener or a bug(weird I know)

now i I hear it called either or dick or cock.?

Now im curious about what girls call heir vaginal areas?

Carrie95 said she's never heard the word "dink" used as a term for the penis. That surprised me a bit. I thought that was a common term along with the variation "dinky".

Have other girls heard/used the word dink or is it just used in my part of the world?

Wiener and weenie seem pretty common, as is thing/thingy (so creative :)). I've also heard the terms "wee wee" and "worm". :)

I've heard a little kid call it a "pee pee hose" before

In the UK willy is quite common especially for younger girls. As a guy I like mine to be called words like willy or weiner

-As a kid,it was called a "tally wacker" or "weiner"

Now i call it "dick"

I personally hate the word "cock". Not sure why. I like the word "dick" much better.

I like "wiener" and "dink" as they sound kind of cute, but also because they're very appropriate to femdom, which I like. :)

I'm in the UK. I used to call them wellies but now it's always cock or prick.
For vagina it's foof or when I'm horny it's pussy or cunt.




Over here in the U.K., it has a number of names -- cock, dick, knob, one eyed trouser snake or bell end are the most frequently used ones that I have heard..

When I was young either it was wienie, or winky,or just pee pee now that I'm older I like the term penis.

A boy asked me if I would "milk the lizard" when he wanted a hand job.?


Oh, I forgot one, over here we also call them 'pork swords' LOL...

Pee pee when i was young. Now dick


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