Terms For The Penis

What words did you use to refer to the penis when you were young, and what words to you use now?

When I was young, most of the girls I knew used the words "wiener" and/or "dink".

Now, I and most girls I know use the word "dick" but a few still say "wiener" sometimes. Mostly "dick" though.

Sometimes I use wiener and dink when I'm with my boy, but he likes that. :)

I've never even heard "dink." Whaaaa? But "weiner," yeah, and "his thing" (as stupid as that sounds).

Now I say "cock" or "dick." Slight preference for "cock." You might say I love "cock."

"Weenie" when I was younger, but sometimes the girls will still say a boy has a "teenie weenie peenie" haha.? All the girls in my high school call it a "dick," but if it's hard they say he has a "bone" or "boner" or they say he is "on the bone."

Also hard-on.

mostly weiner or thingy when i was younger

When I was younger it was usually dick but now my friends and I all say cock or if hard it's wood or woody. Sometimes boner.

When I was younger I always heard it called a wiener or a bug(weird I know)

now i I hear it called either or dick or cock.?

Now im curious about what girls call heir vaginal areas?

Carrie95 said she's never heard the word "dink" used as a term for the penis. That surprised me a bit. I thought that was a common term along with the variation "dinky".

Have other girls heard/used the word dink or is it just used in my part of the world?

Wiener and weenie seem pretty common, as is thing/thingy (so creative :)). I've also heard the terms "wee wee" and "worm". :)

I've heard a little kid call it a "pee pee hose" before

In the UK willy is quite common especially for younger girls. As a guy I like mine to be called words like willy or weiner

-As a kid,it was called a "tally wacker" or "weiner"

Now i call it "dick"

I personally hate the word "cock". Not sure why. I like the word "dick" much better.

I like "wiener" and "dink" as they sound kind of cute, but also because they're very appropriate to femdom, which I like. :)


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