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I want to know your opinions on the subject,
I've never kissed before, neither have I been in a relationship before. Yet, i met this person online, whom ill meet soon. To be honest I do wish I can experiment with this person, who is 9 years older than me. (im 21)? But, in real life I have dated and wish to continue this other person (around my age), no holding hands or kisses yet, and nothing serious going on.? I want to meet more people in general, because in reality I don't hang out with alot with people, so i do see meeting this person online as a step forward.
So, as you can see im rather confused with this. I do wish to get to know more this person im dating (and i do not want to scare this prson away), but I'm interested experimenting aswell. ? Would fooling around till i'm commit be the answer.
Thank you.

If you want to continue to get to know the person you've already met then I'd continue dating them and hanging out, you're not exclusive so even if you were to date around and meet a few other people you aren't -essentially- doing anything wrong. You do what feels right for you, if you aren't ready to 'fool around' as you put it then don't pressure yourself, just do what makes you feel comfortable. If you want to meet this person online and even just hang out as friends and build on a friendship then that's still getting out there and meeting more people. Good luck x


Hi Kristeen,?
Thank you for answering the post. ?That is very true that would still count as meeting more people. But, in your experience how do you know if you are truly ready to fool around??

I mean I first started properly experimenting with boys when I was about 15/16 because I felt ready and it's what I wanted to do, if you are curious then why don't you just take it slow and see what happens with this internet guy. Maybe see how far you can take it whilst still remaining in your comfort zone, that'll let you know how ready you are

Kristeeeen that is great advice thank you, i'll efiently see if it that is possible. But, why not the person whom i know in real life? Too risky you mean?

The fact that you already know them may complicate things but I mean if you want to then I don't see why not

Interesting.. why would it complicate things because I know them Kristeeeeen?


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