would you ever

would you ever go to a gloryhole?

Honestly? I would love too go and experience a gloryhole at least once it looks so fun!

I might want to someday

it seems pretty crazy to me

This seems like one of those things that doesnt happen in real life, only in porn and sexy stories. It's kind of a turn on to think about, but i bet if it really existed it'd be really grubby and disgusting.

@Amy261 Very true Amy, You could catch something very nasty.?

Yes this is fantasy land only for me. Actually I haven't fantasized about it but maybe I will sometime. Like some other stuff I fantasize about, the idea is sexy but the reality couldn't help but be horrible!


yes it does seem that it would be a very seedy place

As exciting as it sounds it seems gross too. I don't like surprises from behind a wall.

Guys who go to those must be kinda sleezy guys

this will sound slutty, but if I could choose a few guys to be on the other side and it was just a surprise which one was there i think that could be fun

i think that would make a difference if you could choose

do these places even exist ?

I know lots of these exist for guys in gay hangouts but I dont think there are many around for females. After a few drinks I ended up blowing a guy through one one once and it was okay but it's always a worry that you dont know how healthy the guy is and what you could catch but then that can happen with other pick ups too. Not sure if I'd do it again but it is one of those things everone should try, like sex with an ex and a big cock.?

I would if I knew the guys were clean. It would let me act slutty without the guilt

What is a gloryhole?

@andante - A gloryhole is a hole in a wall, like one that separates toilet stalls. Men place their penises inside the hole, and expect a complete stranger on the other end to willingly play with it. The "glory" of it is the man doesn't see who's sucking them, and the one on the other end doesn't who they're sucking.

Wow, thank you Brookeside
I will never go there because maybe old men are going there, so I do not want to suck an old 50 years man . But I would like to know if there is gloryhole for girls ,and man comes snd lick vagina 😁

Cool idea andante hehe

Btrfly It a WONDERFUL idea 😁

Well, it depends! Like, as long the man is clean, I wouldn't mind trying to suck an older man. Apparently their cum is a lot thicker!

I never heard that before. I'm not sure if thicker cum is better than this cum


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