Dirty talk

Does your bf/gf do dirty talk? ?My bf does and I reply dirty. I find it fun and enhances our overall connection. ?

Sometimes we do if we are being extra naughty or really into it.

yes i love talking dirty

Yes, actually I do more than he does and encourage him to do more. It's funny because in normal life, I hardly use swear words at all and prefer if people I'm around also don't.

Oh my, when I was 17, I was hooked up with a 27-year-old teacher. (No, not my teacher, and not from my school; don't judge.) He was the first guy to dirty-talk me, in the middle of it, and it was ... oh ... my ... gawd.

Yes. It even hotter when my b/f step sister whispers hot talk in his ear while I suck his c**k. When she joins in, he shoots huge cum loads.?

Yes but Not a lot

Im totally into it... both with guys and girls. It just turns me on :)

Yes i am into it too :D

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100% into it

Oh yes, totally..?

Dirty talk can be fun and exciding: but your partner can go too far with some names, I really hate to be called a whore.

only with a les girl

Yes i am into it!


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