first penis.

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i was 9 the first time i saw and touched a penis, me and the boy next door who was 10 was playing in his bedroom, how old was you.

14, with the first boy I ever fooled around with.

11 or 12

I have three brothers including my twin, so I have seen penises all my life. I still do since none of them are the least bit modest (unlike me)!
My first non-brother penis was when I was 14 and making out with this boy who was sort of my boyfriend. He was feeling my boobs and was getting pretty worked up. I decided to feel him back, so I started rubbing his obvious hardon through his pants. He then tried to put his hand up my skirt, but I didn't want him to do that, so I moved his hand away and told him I would help him out if he showed me how. We pulled his pants and underwear down and there it was! Within a few minutes under his able instructions I had given my first handy.

Brother - idk but early in life like 1 or 2 and then occasionally for years, last time I was 15 he was 14 (that time was an accident and mortified us both).

Not brother - 16

12, not counting my brother.

wow 10 is really cool. i was 12 when i first touched a penis... seconds before i started sucking it.

8 (almost 9) and by force. And it was a man's, not a boy's.

Saw - very young. I used to have to share a bathtub and get bathed together with my younger brother, until I was about 6 and said I wanted my own private bath time. Touched - the first non-sibling one I saw, at age 11 with a boy in my class at school. I was beginning to blossom sexually, and he still had the penis of a very little boy. I was shocked by how small he was.

Saw in real life was in high school. My sophomore year. After school when I was at step practice he texted me to come around the corner and he was standing in the boys bathroom (our school bathrooms didn't have a door you had to go through, it was just like an opening). He was standing where I could see him and he took his penis out of his pants and was basically jerking off. 1 it was huge, like 10 inches and super girthy lol if thats even a word and 2 I was creeped out/scared and ran away. I was 14. Touched, was 15. We were sitting on my porch and I just put my hands down his pants to warm up my hands lbs.?

Around 13, and I was kinda like is that it? Whats the big deal about it, i ended up giving him a hand job

Seen a penises all my life, But never touched one.



lizzygirl that sucks so bad. im so sorry that happened to you?


@LizzyGirl So very sorry to hear that happend. Boy or Man it makes NO difference It should NEVER have happend.
Huggs Take Care
Angie XX

Thanks SammyB_16 and NATUREGIRL

But I got the help I needed. I now have a wonderful, kind and loving boyfriend, I was able to take what happened to me and make it the focus of my academic studies, and am largely at peace with what happened.
I have a pretty strong feeling bordering on hatred for men who rape children but I suppose that's not a surprise. But my issues of trust have improved tremendously due to some therapy but also because of my wonderful boyfriend and other male friends.

It also helped that the man who did those things to me paid dearly for his crimes.

First time for me by consent, and therefore awesome was when I was 15 with a boy the same age. I remember thinking that it was smaller than what I had seen before but I did end up giving him a blowjob and enjoyed doing so. :)

I was 11 when i first touched a boy and sucked him off but i first had sex at 12

Elizabeth I'm glad that he paid dearly for what he did. All child molestors/rapists should pay dearly?

Ever Since my brothers birth as I have helped mom with my brother seeing his everyday.

I had just turned 16, and it was my boyfriend of over two years. He touched me first, so we were already pretty warmed up. I actually love the memory, because we were home alone on my couch, the Christmas tree was lit up, and he was so sweet about it. He understood it was my first time, and he didn't pressure me at all. He let me explore a little on my own, then offered to help show me what he liked. We're still together, and he's such an amazing person.

First time seeing one in person? I was 15. But I saw them on the Internet wayyyyyy before that?


What did you think of his penis?

14 and yesterday. Just like Svetlana2000, it was seconds before I started sucking it...I'd also had my first kiss just a few minutes before. It was a day of many firsts lol.

Honestly the kiss startled me more than actually seeing and touching his dick did? I knew what dicks looked like from porn and I could kind of tell what it would feel like from looking at it, and I was right, although how hard it was startled me and no one told me that dicks jerk and throb in your mouth when you swallow around them so I kind of scraped him with my teeth when I was blowing him lol. But I apologized and everything's fine. But when I kissed him, he opened his mouth and used his tongue straight away, and it was really effing nice, but absolutely nothing could prepare me for how soft and wet another person's mouth is. I was so surprised that I stepped back.


Sounds like a fun day Eve! Did you make him cum at all?

I did. After roughly two hours. He'd jerked off that day already and I guess the tank was running empty. It was startlingly bitter.

13? playing showsy with a boy from school

16 when my friends brother who liked me got out of the shower with only a towel and he was talking to us girls at our slumber party. His step-sister pulled his towel off.?

15 last year. My bf wanted me to give him a blowjob, and after lots of trust building, I did.
I was mostly surprised by how it felt!! I never knew penises would be so smooth but so hard too.
The most surprising thing was how his penis twitched sometimes. If I were to stop moving my head for a moment, I'd feel him grow and throb between my lips. Even on my tongue.
He asked me to take his cum in my mouth too... so I did. I felt the first few spurts hit me right in the throat, but I did fine... Pretty gross at first, but I love it now <3
Do any of your regular penises twitch a lot? I love it more than anything.

Dicks often twitch when they're hard. It's very common.

I love watching a guy's dick twitch and bob when he's squirting when I'm not even touching him. :)

Ooo, I should get my boyfriend to do that... although he mostly just likes to stay in mouth.
I enjoy it. It's nice feeling the hot squirts land in your mouth. Especially when I work him up to it.?
Feeling his penis throb as it calms down is my favourite though. It just slowly gets smaller and softer, but keeps twitching. I think it's cute.
He is my first and hopefully my only penis. :)

14 to fell and 15 to see. From boyfriend at the time, dated 4 years.

First time I ever saw one was when I was 7 and me and a boy my age showed ourselves to each other cause we were curious, but the second time and the first time I saw one that was hard was when I was 12.

Also, I agree with everyone above about seeing a guy's dick twitch, I love it!

Lol I saw my first dick about an hour ago which is why I'm on this site now ;)

Hey Amy. Long time no chat. How are you feeling after the experience!?!?

Lol I saw my first dick about an hour ago which is why I'm on this site now ;)

Congrats Amy! How did it all go down?

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