Does this make me a hoe/thot ?

Okay so in the past I have had very low self esteem and I lost my virgintiy to this guy who was not boyfriend. After that I would have casual relationships with guys. I did not with all the guys I met just some of them. There was two guys that I only have sex with once. I have a lot more confindence than I had then. But recently me and this guy I have known for two months had sexual contact, but we did not have sex. the sexual contact we had was that he touched me below the waist and a little above it.?

No it doesn't make you a hoe. it's your body you have nothing to be ashamed off


You have a woan's bodies and desires and are just acting on them

If you're using sexual contact to attempt to gain the esteem of others or yourself, that's very likely maladaptive behavior. It means that you do yourself more harm by trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist or that is easily addressed in less harmful ways. Liking sexual contact isn't particularly unusual or harmful. Leave your self-esteem out of the discussion, and I'd say you're fine doing what you've done. Trying to build your self esteem by having sex isn't healthy. Having a positive image of yourself will probably lead you to be more selective in your sex partners - seeing yourself as a more worthwhile person will lead you to having sex with others who prove themselves to be good people.?

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How?would this make you a hoe? You're just enjoying sex its totally great if it makes you feel good!


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