Have you ever watched a guy masturbate and cum? If so, what turned you on the most about it?

I've masturbated with my boyfriend. Watching his cum shoot everywhere as I'm cumming is a rush.

yes ive watched a boyfriend masturbate and he's watched me too. its very dirty and very sexy

Walked in on my brother one time,screamed and said that i was sorry and left faster than I did coming in.

l've done it with a fwb, seeing a dick spurting cum gets me going for gold.

I agree with those who say watching a penis spurt is a huge turn on.

This is good stuff. I think I need to go get my boyfriend :)

I had a guy friend who would send me videos quite often cause he knew I was into that. It's super sexy to hear him moan and see him cum.?

I had a guy friend who would send me videos quite often cause he knew I was into that. It's super sexy to hear him moan and see him cum.?

Glad he trust you :) Is his face in the video? I probably won't do something like that even if i trust the person just in case.

i've done that but i wont show my face in videos ever

me and my bf were masturbating and watching each other. i liked it and the mostly i liked when he was cuming

My first serious BF was more into me than I was into him and I kind of secretly wanted him to break up with me, it was a weird situation. Before you ask why I didn't break up with him, I didn't for a long time because I just didn't want to deal with it. I know that sounds weird!! I did eventually break up with him. But anyway the reason I mention is. Our "sex life" (which was horrible) involved him giving me oral sex and then him masturbating in front of me. I would watch but I was like, annoyed bored telling him to hurry up. He only came about half the time. I think it was humiliating for him. It's all so weird and unhealthy, I have often felt guilty how I treated him. If I told him to lick the floor he would have.

In my other relationships (two other serious ones including my current one) the guy has rarely masturbated around me. The only other time my current BF did a combination of masturbation and tit-Fing me while straddling me I was on my back, and he came on my face. This was planned and agreed to he wasn't being a jerk. It was exciting but I wouldn't want to do it super often because of the cleanup it requires.

It's a lot more common in my last two relationships for me to masturbate in front of the guy, in fact that's pretty much standard most of the time when we have sex.

Ive seen it but doesnt turn me on too much. Id rather suck a boy instead of watching him masturbate.

It's a turn on seeing the cum shooting out. The first time I was fascinated and couldn't believe my eyes. Now I still like to see it. I live giving a hand job and seeing the cum knowing I made it happen

Yes..mostly he likes to masterbate when I try on different outfits. Whichever one gets him the hardest is the one I wear. He got so worked up over one particular outfit he shot so much cum all over me I had to When he shoots a huge load I can't get the image out of my head for days..


the first time my ex bf shoots a big load of sperm but then not too much just a little . Its a turn on seeing how the sperm comes out ;)


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