The Facial Poll

Want to do a quick poll with you ladies. Please Anwser Yes or No and if it depends please elaborate.?

Do you like and/or will you let a guy cum on your face??

personaly i dont mind and will let them.

Its ok as long as it doesnt go in my hair.

i love it tbh, its very sexy and very dirty i like feeling like a whore and being dominated

It's the one sexual thing I know I'd never do. It just seems degrading to me?

Sure it can be fun


I have done and will do - but only for a BF who loves me and really wants it.

l dont mind it for something different occasionally, cleaning up is always a chore afterwards though. Like SammyB say's though, it does seem degrading but it has'nt made me feel like that yet.

I don't see how the act itself is degrading unless it's made degrading. Like if it's something that turns one or both of you on, and you're cool with it and they know you are, I don't see a problem. Personally I've never had it done to me, but as long as it doesn't get in my hair, eyes, nose, or screw up my eye makeup, I think I'd be alright with it.

Face is Ok but not my favorite place for him to ejaculate.?

I guess it's degrading to me because it's like he's saying I'm going to take your face which I find attractive and squirt my potential children all over it. Yeah, not so sexy to me, but to each their own?

I don't really like it. Of all the places they can cum, I don't find it all that enjoyable.

I liked it because I love my boyfriend!

Only when I'm in the mood for it. Usually I prefer to let him cum on my boobs, stomach or pussy.

Only when I'm in the mood for it. Usually I prefer to let him cum on my boobs, stomach or pussy

Same. Actually, I don't see the point of on my face. Like in my eyes or in my hair? I mean, c'mon, why is that appealing to anyone?

But I'm not afraid of semen or anything. I love it on my boobs, abs or on the top of my pussy, and I like it on my back or butt or in the crack of my ass. Just not on my face, thanks!

I've let guys cum over my face... but cum in my mouth is much better ;)
I really love swallowing..!

I absolutely agree

girls why restrict it to one place everything is good

Its his decision where he cums... love the surprise :) And love cum!

^ No, not unless you tell him it is. If you tell him you're not cool with him cumming somewhere, he doesn't need to be cumming there.

I dont mind one maybe like 3-4 times a year. I mean deep in my v is where it belongs. Sometimes when I am on my period and my bf or myself dont want inside me he can cum on my belly or face.

I don't mind if my bf cums on my face. Its not my favorite which is my stomach or boobs but I have taken many facials actually. Most not on purpose though. It is definitely a in the ass if it gets in your hair though. But if he wants to i usually will let him lol.

I love when a guy cums on my face as long as its not in my hair or my eyes because it makes me feel like a slut

Yes I would let him, yes I would like it ... assuming I was into the guy (and hopefully if we're having sex I am into the guy but, I have had sex when I wasn't into the guy ... never again tho).

I like it on my body (name your place), just not on my face or hair.

And you know what else? Certain acts are just "porn things," and it kinda ticks me off that people don't get that.

well i don't think its just a porn thing beacuse lots of girls enjoy it when guys do it, also men have been coming on womens faces for hundreds of years and lastly i assume none of the girls that do it are in porn, you shouldnt shame on other ladies fetishes, i just wanted to take a poll on who likes it and who doesn't.. has nothing to do with porn. dont degrate people.

I had cum on my face by mistake. ?The guy didn't want to cum in my mouth. He took his penis out of my mouth and he spurted on my face. :( ?I don't like it :(?

Yes, though only if he asks.

Fortunately my boyfriend doesn't really enjoy doing that but we both love it when I cum on his face. :)

I love it, how messy and slutty it feels. But it's not a guarantee cus sometimes I want to swallow

I have and will let a guy cum on my face. It's all part of sex and I enjoy it.

Some peope talked about whether or not this is degrading. I think at some level it is, BUT I think in a healthy relationship it's more like "playing" at degrading vs actually degrading. That might not make sense hopefully you know what I mean. In other words if it was a thousand years ago and a pirate captured you and ejaculated on your face it would probably be claiming you as booty and you'd be in for a lot of problems. Today if you're in a committed relationship and your boyfriend does this, it isn't going to lead to severe consequences but it still touches that part of your brain or instincts, and for a lot of people that is a turn-on. It definitely is for me. You get to think or feel like "he's claimed me as his property, I'm his dirty little slut" and then 30 minutes later you can be at McDonald's getting a milkshake like nothing happened. Most of the sex stuff I like involving dudes is along these lines tbh. I have minor crushes on girls and that's different (more about cuddling).

I am not a big fan of it, but I wont mind, if my boyfriend enjoys it. Personally, I love it on my boobs or belly or butt crack.?


I love it on my butt too

I can't believe I am admitting this but I love it. My man loves it and it makes me feel good how it makes him feel.?

I think it's kind of disgusting, but the boys seem to like it, most likely because of watching so much porn.? I'll do it once in a while, at best.

I don't mind if he cums on my face because I know there's no disrespect. It's mostly in my mouth though so it's not really an issue.


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