Watching Guys Get Off!

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Watching guys get off is kind of big when it comes to our online searches, even with us who have bfs or are just dating.? Is this because we are just curious about their bodies or because we just get turned on from watching it or both?

I know I watched guys get off and cum like a lot of my friends before we were even interested in guys and sex.? But now that I think about sex a lot it seems I like it because of both curiousity and because I get turned on from seeing a guy do that to himself.? Not even going to question if I am normal or not because I think I am.

For me it's his face expression when he is cumming, also actually watching the ejaculation. I like giving handjobs because it's like a sense of achievement, like 'I made that happen'. Also if he cums while with you it makes me feel sexy as he is getting off on me. Can't say I specifically look for this in porn anymore, at first maybe yes I did as you say out of curiosity, but in real life it's hot.?

I've only seen a guy ejaculating in porn.For me it starts with curiosity and leads to me getting aroused.I got curious after sex ed and hearing girls in school making jokes.I find anything to do with penises a turn on and lately I have found pics of guys peeing and get excited.

I also find it very sexy to watch a guy doing it for himself, and also cum coming out is very erotic. I don't really watch porn of this kind, instead, I ask my boyfriend to do it so I can watch. He seems so... not sure.. determined, a bit aggressive, focused, merciless while doing it and it is so damn hot!!!?

I love watching a guy ejaculate. ?Super turn on.

I'm betting there isn't a straight girl alive who doesn't like seeing guys get off, whether it's their facial expression, the cum squirting out of their dick, the way their nuts tighten up against their body, or any other aspects, it's all pretty damn arousing. Especially when they're getting off because of you. :)

I had a partner (younger) who could not keep pumping through his orgasm. It was "too sensitibve" or whatever. When he got to the edge, he'd push in deep, all the way, and just spurt over and over while it was buried inside. He'd almost convulse, I swear. Maybe the hottest thing I have ever experienced.

I've watched a couple of videos, but I've never seen it in real life. I've felt my boyfriends penis and I want to do more, but I don't want him to think I'm a badgirl. I really want to see him cum though.

I love watching a guy get himself off

Well I like to see them cum cuz you can see his face expression and when I make my bf cum while giving him a blowjob or a handjob i'm like 'I made it happen' and it feels great just to see them moan when it squirts out of their dick it's amazing!!!

Only seen in porn and would love to see a boy ejaculate in real life. Just to see it come out of his penis up close would be so exciting to experience.

Watching in real life is the best.

It is very arrousing to see a guy ejaculate even better if you are the one that got him there.

it's beautiful, fun and funny at the same time! I like to watch

me too love it when we both masturbate together


me too that's my fav!!?

I absolutely love watching guys get off. Especially if its because of me. Sometimes me and bf will stop fooling around just so he can stroke it out himself and spray it all over me lol. Sounds so bad but I just get so turned on by it

i agree emma it turns me on too its so sluty

I totally agree!


same but guys love bad girls so i love to please them ;)

I watched a guy jerk off and cum on omegle a couple weeks ago. he actually asked me to take pics on my phone but I didn't, but kinda wish I had so I could masturbate to it later

I love watching the looks on their faces as i jerk them off and love feeling their balls tighten up. I do a lot of slutty stuff at school but its so fun watching them get nervous in the bathrooms or at during gym class when we would sneak away and head into the woods so i could show them a fun couple minutes.?

Have you ever noticed how some boys really squirt when the cum, but other boys kind of ooze or dribble when they cum? I don't know why this is. It has nothing to do with the size of their dicks or their nuts. It also apparently has nothing to do with how long it's been since they last came. Maybe it has to do with their prostate, I don't know.

I find both equally interesting and entertaining.

i wonder if its how much they are turned on

Not in my experience. I think some boys squirt and some boys don't.

OMG, LizzyGirl, I LOVE when there are two or three or four strong spurts.


I've totally noticed that Lizzy, how some guys cum in spurts, others just ooze out cum. I agree that it doesn't have anything to do with size of the dick or nuts. But I do think it's got something to do with how long it's been since they came last. But I guess more than that it's genetic maybe, some guys just cum in spurts and if it's been a while it's real powerful, other guys just ooze and if it's been a while maybe it'll be a little spurt first. But that makes it fun with different guys, you never know how they're going to cum and it makes it exciting.

I was at a rainbow party and a few of us got one of the boys to show us what he had. It was so hot watching him get himself off. We were not sure what would happen but then one girl said 'I see precum!' then like a minute later there was cum everywhere!

A rainbow party? For real?

Mmmm, I love watching a penis begin to jump and squirt its load. Out of all I've seen, I love it when they shoot thick, white spurts. The more the better.
My boyfriend usually gives a few false starts, where I feel his penis suddenly jerk and grow, but nothing happens. Then when it happens, it's so sudden. I loooove that - how unpredictable they can be.
I guess it's just evolutionary to enjoy that stuff.

I love it when my bf ejaculates into my mouth .. so naughty

I Hope he has a good aim 😂

I love it when my bf ejaculates into my mouth .. so naughty

yes i think too... though sometimes the taste of sperm is strange, too much salty taste hhhhh

I love watching both guys and grils ejaculate, their facial expressions are priceless.......


I don't agree. My bf sometimes just ooze when he cum, but sometimes he really squirts and shot a big amount of sperm. ?

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