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Sorry this is kind of long you can rea the last paragraph only if you want to skip the details

So last night I was picked up by a this guy. We're not really seeing eachother or anything but we do like each other. He just had a nasty break up with his gf (I knew him before they got together) any ways, I stayed at his place last night. It was so weird. We barely touched. He didn't hug me, try to kiss me, or hold my hand or anything. We've never had anything romantic happen between us before last night/this morning so I wasn't too taken back by the lack of affection. He literally asked to pick me up so he wouldn't be alone last night. We get to his place, he showers and we get in bed and go to sleep. I honestly wanted more to happen at that point but I knew it might not be best. We were cuddled up for most of the night though. Felt really nice. I was too afraid to hold his hand for some reason though. So morning comes (I had to work and he was taking me) and he pulls me in towards him (from behind) and presses his boner against my ass. I knew exactly what was happening next. He starts rubbing my boobs then fingers me and in like 1 minute, he's inside of me and it hurt like fucking hell. He has a short penis but its super wide/thick and it could barely fit but I took it like a champ lol he was in me from behind but not doggy style. I was laying on my stomach completely flat and in like 3-4 strokes he thought I laughed but it was sounds of pain lbs and he rolled over and that was it. It all happened so fast I couldn't even ask him to get a condom before he was done. Lasted like 3 minutes tops. ALL OF IT. So, since it was so fast and he could barely fit in me, I thought he had given up and didn't finish(I wasn't really turned on for some reason and could barely get wet :/) I had to get ready for work so I cleaned myself up in the bathroom.

Now I am at work and I go to the bathroom cause I was feeling funny and my underwear are partially soaked!! but not from me being "wet" because I cleaned all that up. So now I'm thinking he came in me, it's coming out and idk wtf to do. Is there a way to tell before I ask him? Could this just be discharge even though its quite a bit? or just lubricant coming out from earlier? idk. I am so worried and tired and I already was texting him once he dropped me off but he stopped replying so I'm waiting to see if he'll reply before I text him again and to top it off today is one of my fertile days :(

If you're not sure, the safest thing to do would be to get the morning after pill, and as soon as possible. Better to be safe than sorry!

Regarding the guy, if you've already messaged him once I'd leave it for now, wait for him to make the next move.

I would take plan b if I was you, you might be able to tell by the smell too if it's his stuff or yours. that's not cool though that he just stuck it in and did that, not safe at all.

I am over the weight limit for the over the counter morning after pill :( I do not know what to do. I really think it was his because I did smell it and it was unfamiliar and the way I could feel it coming out of me didn't feel like normal discharge :/ So frustrating. I don't know what my next option would be without waiting to see if I missed my period. He could easily lie and say he didn't.

I'm not worried about him not replying. I didn't mention what happened we were talking about something elsev(we talked all morning but he's going through a lot right now)



go to a doctor they might be able to prescribe you something that will work like plan B, make an emergency appointment at a planned parenthood/ family planning type clinic

^^ definitely agree, you don't want to be wishing you'd just visited the doctor in a few months' time.

ok, Thanks guys!! Really appreciate the advice :) We ended up talking about it and he said he stopped because it shouldn't have happened to begin with and he didn't finish (which I agree with considering the situation he's in) but I'm still going to make an appointment because something weird was still happening in my vag.

I would still find a way to take a Plan B pill.
Sometimes after sex I have a reaction like that, I get a little irritated and then I have a ton of discharge, I think it's just how your vagina cleans itself out. He could of had something under his nails that's bothering you too.
Also, you should get tested for STDS and HIV since you did have unprotected sex, even if he says he's clean do it to be safe

From what you said, I would assume he came and act accordingly in the ways others have said.

That is really interesting to read about



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