The pull out method.

Does the pull out method actually work?

It can. Depends tho. Some pre cum has sperm in it. My friend has used the pull out method for years with her boyfriend. And it worked. They tried for a kid and like 2 months later she got pregnant. It's not the safest tho.?

No, it is highly ineffective.

My boyfriend and I have used the pull-out method for about a year now and I've never ended up pregnant. It's not the safest, so I'm not going to recommend it, but I'm not ging to say it doesn't work, either. It may have worked for us this long because I maybe not be fertile or he may be sterile. We've never gotten checked for it, so we wouldn't know unless we were to actually try to have a kid or just go get checked out. It's definitely not a good form of bc if you don't like having to wait until your next period to know for sure that you're not pregnant. And I'd still recommend another kind just so there aren't any accidents, that's why I'm getting an IUD soon.

Based on studies, the pull-out method alone effectiveness is similar to the effectiveness of barrier methods; about 90-95% for a flawless use every time, and 70-ish% for typical use. These are all estimates based off what I remember. I think the withdrawal method has a slightly less effectiveness.

But, what the barrier methods account for is simply making sure it is placed properly and isn't broken, or doesn't slip out of place. With the pull-out method, all you really have is the instinct of the guy and making sure he doesn't ejaculate inside you. That judgement isn't always perfect.

Again not to say it doesn't work at all (for every 100 women, about 30 of them have an accidental pregnancy within the first year of using the withdrawal method alone, so it does work for some.) But it's really not recommended unless the couple are monagamous to each other (because STD/I's) and they want to go the family planning route and an accidental pregnancy would not be the end of the world.

In theory it probably works but you are counting on a guy to be smart at the moment all his blood is out of his brain elsewhere in his body!

People who practice it are called parents

lt does work but like the others have said, you're relying on a guy pulling out when his natural instinct is to ejaculate as deep as he can in your vagina and get you pregnant. The risks should be pretty obvious though and becomming a teenage single mother is a pretty good way to ruin your future.

pull out the idiots guide to birth control.Certainly not for me

I have decided against the pull out method. I'll just stick with condoms. Thanks y'all.

Good choice :) It really isn't safe since the guy can make a mistake and pre-cum does have sperm in it too...?

Can,* not does.

Thank God I have an IUD and he dont have to pullout, he can cum inside me anytime he want to without worry.

I did the pullout method with BC pills with 1 year with my BF and got pregnant. Granted I was dumb and wasn't taking the pill the same time everyday. We used the pullout method in combination with BC pills becasue we knew I wasn't taking it correctly.?

Why would anyone want to have sex with this method??? There's premature ejaculation and pre-cum (which may contain sperm) to worry about, not to mention if your horny BF decides to just let let it go inside of you.

This is a pregnancy waiting to happen.

Agreed. I never understood why people rely on this method. Yes it's better than doing nothing at all, but you might as well be doing nothing and just letting him go inside of you?


No offense to you Waterbaby. If it works for you then by all means go for it girl?

Even pre-cum has a chance of conception. Granted a small chance but still. I advise against it


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