Craving Semen

I am 17 and have been sexually active for 2 years with the same bf, my only partner. I crave his semen most of the time we are togehther. It does not matter anywhere inside me or outside me he wants to ejaculate. Am I a normal female??

I think that's the normal. ?I certainly get turned on by the thought of sperm inside me.

Yes the knowledge I got a guy to ejaculate over me is a big turn on

Sperm view is very exciting for a Woman

You're normal, the first time l made a guy cum with a handjob got me hooked.
l'm not sure what the bigger turn on is though, actually seeing a penis spurting or knowing l can make it do it?

I'm a virgin and never did anything but I have fantasies of doing things with a boy and his sperm. So I can totally relate to you , so your perfectly normal in my opinion.

I think it's normal. I also like semen for the reasons everyone has said.

there is something sexy and dirty about him cumming inside me. whats that about? haha

hes putting a part of himself inside of you and also i think the fact that you can get pregnant from it. Even if you are on the pill the thought of it. I love cum lol

As others have said, its more of the fun of being able to get a guy off than the actual cum. It does feel really dirty to find cum in your panties, but that is also fun at the same time. Wierd right?

I am single atm so I don't feel this about any particular guy but when I am dating a guy like, yes I crave it.

It sounds like we are normal.? I think we crave more about making his semen and what goes into it but I have friends who rave about how much they love when their bf actually cums and ejaculates inside of them.? Personally I like the seeing semen coming out of a guy especially when a guy is ejaculating, it can be in person or online videos, its a turn on for me.

I think its normal. I just love cum...inside me or on me.?

I thin it's def normal when you are with someone, like knowing that he is turned on by you and that he thinks about you all day. It makes me want to please him, and yea, craving the end result is def part of it. I think the idea that you crave his also turns him on, like makes him feel like he is the man :)

Completely agree with pretty much everything that's been said. I think it's normal just because we want our man happy, and to me there is no better signs of happy and turned on by me than a big explosive load. Lol. Cum itself, idk it is what it is, but I just love watching him get off. So hot lol

I like watching them get off too!? I think I am craving some now.

I wouldn't say craving, but watching an ejaculation ist quite hot.

But apart from that, why shouldn't that be normal? Everyone has different tastes and that one is harmless, I think. ;)

I don't crave it but i never miss a chance to get some.

"Crave"...? ?Mmmmm...not all the time, but sometimes - yeah, that'd be an accurate description.

Yep, very normal. The anticipation knowing what's in there and that it's going to come out for me because I'm making it happen, that's a massive turn on.?

I've certainly craved dick loads (no pun intended) of times, but never actually craved semen.

I absolutely love having cum inside or on me. Having a dick too play with is just soo fun for me, the feeling of having my guy shoot his load up into me is just so amazing too me. And having him watch me play with his cum after he ejaculates is a real turn on for me as well, and i find it really fun too play with a guys cum.

I don't crave his load because it's his load, but... I crave the experience. I love having his penis sit in my mouth, and then when he's ready, his penis twitches and hardens. Then all I feel is hot thick liquid coating the back of my mouth. It's honestly super hot. He shoots hard/fast for a few seconds, then the rest dribbles out. I let it pool in the back of my throat, then swallow it all down in one, warm gulp. But sometimes when I work him up to it, I'll have to gulp once or twice more!!
His penis even jumps in my mouth, it's so cute how they do that :)

Lol brookeside, are you trying to make everyone reading this horny?


hehe Sorry Velvet, I just have a tendency to get that way myself when I talk about it. I can't help but go into detail, driiives me craaazy


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